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Sanremo Music Festival songs winners and history

Below all winners, songs, videos and lyrics of 70 years of Sanremo Music Festival, the most important entertainment event in Italy

Every Year, in March, for a week, in Italy We stops all things: it comes Sanremo, it's a manifestation of Italian Song's Competition.
Sanremo is a little town near Genova, one of biggest European's Ports, near the border of France.

Sanremo Music Festival borns on 1951, there were only 4 songs; in 1951 the Italian television transmits the event, and, in few years, Sanremo Music Festival becames the most important Italian music event.

The festival, awards previously unreleased tracks, proposed during the course of the previous year to a committee that evaluates the various candidates, and select those that can be presented during the evenings (following the mechanism of candidacy and nomination). 
They are rewarded, the podiums of the categories Big (sometimes divided into Classic, Women, Men and Groups), new proposals, and are awarded the Critics' Awards "Mia Martini" career awards and other special prizes. In addition, among other awards and honors, every year one of the singers in the competition is chosen by a special commission RAI to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest, an event that drew just by the Festival of Sanremo its inspiration.
Sanremo Music Festival songs winners and history

Sanremo Festival 1967, the tragedy of a Singer:

  • At the Sanremo Festival in 1967, it is very important because it is a kind of dividing line between before and after.
  • Until that point, the festival seemed to Italian viewers a good party, from which recall some beautiful songs, songs that you can sing the following months, almento until summer.
  • Tenco was a good Genoese singer-songwriter, a person who was writing songs very intimate, that were leveraging deep feelings, Tenco was highly respected by his colleagues, but never had much success in his career. After that he was called to sing in Sanremo,Luigi Tenco was believed that this would be his chance of a lifetime, that would change everything, but when he saw that his song did not pass the turn, went back to the hotel and the same evening he killed himself, shooting himself a blow to his head with a gun. She found him so his musical partner, the French singer Dalida. The Sanremo Festival ceased to be 'young' and went into maturity.

Sanremo Festival facts:

  1. Now, for my Country, Sanremo is one of most important events, as the "SuperBowl" in USA , only when Italian Soccer National team plays, the World Soccer Championships, there is the same public. All the world watches it, speaks about it, all radios, televisions, newspapers and Italian Blogs writes, at least, a post about that event, full of lifes of singers, gossip, and many others things.
  2. SANREMO is the only music festival in all the world where there is one 'Contest of unpublished songs'.
  3. All years there are 4-5 songs that becomes the most plays in the months laters.
  4. In the singing competition of Sanremo, who wins it is not the singer, but the song.
  5. For several years, the song (and singer) who win Sanremo, go to play at 'Eurovision Music Fest

The Most famous Sanremo songs:

  • "Nel blu dipinto di blu" (English: In the blue, painted blue), popularly known as "Volare" (To fly), is a song recorded by Italian singer-songwriter Domenico Modugno. Written by Franco Migliacci and Domenico Modugno, it was released as a single on 1 February 1958. Winning the 8th Sanremo Music Festival, the song was chosen as the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958, where it won third place out of ten songs in total. The combined sales of all the versions of the song exceed 22 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular Eurovision songs of all time and the most successful Sanremo Music Festival song ever.

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    All Songs Winners of Sanremo Music Festival on History

Winners and Songs of all editions of Sanremo Music Festival, with videos and lyrics traslation at links:


Tv Presenter:


Title of Song Winner:

1951 Nunzio Filogamo Nilla Pizzi Grazie dei Fior
1952 Nunzio Filogamo Nilla Pizzi Vola Colomba
1953 Nunzio Filogamo  Carla Boni Viale d'autunno
1954 Nunzio Filogamo Giorgio Consolini / Gino Latilla Tutte le mamme
1955 Armando Pizzo Claudio Villa Buongiorno tristezza
1956 Fausto Tommei Franca Raimondi Aprite le finestre
1957 Nunzio Filogamo Claudio Villa Corde della mia chitarra
1958 Gianni Agus Domenico Modugno Nel blu dipinto di blu
1959 Enzo Tortora Domenico Modugno Piove (Ciamo ciao bambina)
1960 Paolo Ferrari Tony Dallara Romantica
1961 Alberto Lionello Luciano Taglioli Al di là
1962 Renato Tagliani Domenico Modugno Addio
1963 Mike Bongiorno Tony Renis Uno per tutte
1964 Mike Bongiorno Gigliola Cinquetti Non ho letà
1965 Mike Bongiorno  Bobby Solo  Se piangi, se ridi
1966  Mike Bongiorno  Domenico Modugno  Dio come ti amo
1967  Mike Bongiorno  Claudio Villa  Non pensare a me
1968  Pippo Baudo  Sergio Endrigo  Canzone per te
1969  Nuccio Costa  Iva Zanicchi  Non pensare a me
1970  Nuccio Costa  Adriano Celentano  Chi non lavora non fa l'amore
1971  Carlo Giuffré  Nada  Il cuore è uno zingaro
1972  Mike Bongiorno  Nicola di Bari  I giorni dell'arcobaleno
1973  Mike Bongiorno  Peppino di Capri  Un grande amore e niente
1974  Corrado  Iva Zanicchi  Ciao cara, come stai?
1975  Mike Bongiorno  Gilda  Ragazza del sud
1976  Giancarlo Guardabassi + vari  Peppino di Capri  Non lo faccio più
1977  Mike Bongiorno  Homo Sapiens  Bella da morire
1978  Salvetti + vari  Matia Bazar  ... e dirsi ciao
1979  Mike Bongiorno  Mino Verniaghi  Amare
1980  Claudio Cecchetto  Toto Cutugno  Solo Noi
1981  Claudio Cecchetto  Alice  Per Elisa
1982  Claudio Cecchetto  Riccardo Fogli  Storie di tutti i giorni
1983  Andra Giordana + vari  Tiziana Rivale  Sarà quel che sarà
1984  Pippo Baudo  Al Bano e Romina Power  Ci sarà
1985  Pippo Baudo  Ricchi e Poveri  Se m'innamoro
1986  Loretta Goggi  Eros Ramazzotti  Ci sarà
1987  Pippo Baudo  Tozzi + Ruggeri  Si può dare di più
1988  Pippo Baudo  Massimo Ranieri  Perdere l'amore
1989  Rosita Celentano + altri  Anna Oxa + Fausto Leali  Ti lascerò
1990  Johnny Dorelli  Pooh  Uomini Soli
1991  Andrea Occhipinti  Riccardo Cocciante  Se stiamo insieme
1992  Pippo Baudo  Luca Barbarossa  Portami a ballare
1993  Pippo Baudo  Enrico Ruggeri  Mistero
1994  Pippo Baudo  Baldi  Passerà
1995  Pippo Baudo  Giorgia  Come saprei
1996  Pippo Baudo  Ron + Tosca  Vorrei incontrarti tra 100 anni
1997  Mike Bongiorno  Jalisse  Fiumi di parole
1998  Raimondo Vianello + altri  Annalisa Minetti  Senza te
1999  Fabio Fazio  Anna Oxa  Senza pietà
2000  Fabio Fazio  Avion Travel  Sentimento
2001  Raffaella Carrà  Elisa  Luce (tramonti a nord est)
2002  Pippo Baudo  Matia Bazar   Messaggio d'amore
2003  Pippo Baudo  Alexia  Per dire no
2004  Simona Ventura  Marco Masini  L'uomo volante
2005  Paolo Bonolis  Francesco Renga   Angelo
2006  Giorgio Panariello  Povia  Vorrei avere un becco
2007  Pippo Baudo  Simone Cristicchi  Ti regalerò una rosa
2008  Pippo Baudo  Lola Ponce e Giò di Tonno  Colpo di Fulmine
2009  Paolo Bonolis  Marco Carta  La forza mia
2010  Antonella Clerici  Valerio Scanu  Per tutte le volte che..
2011  Gianni Morandi + altri  Roberto Vecchioni  Chiamami ancora
2012  Gianni Morandi  Emma Marrone  Non é l'inferno
2013 Fabio Fazio Marco Mengoni L'essenziale
2014 Fabio Fazio        Arisa Controvento
2015    Carlo Conti        Il Volo   Grande Amore
2016     Carlo Conti            STADIO  Un giorno mi dirai
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