Caterina Caselli songs of Italian music' Godmother

Posted on Jun 13, 2007

caterina caselli
Caterina Caselli
Caterina Caselli is as a Godmother; She is the leader producer of best italian musician
This is not a bad thing, Caterina, after a very good carreer as singer started in 1964, She married in '70 and in '74 changes her carreer in a producer
Now, after "Zucchero", one of her first product of "international export", she had a genius idea: a song where Zucchero, a blues-man, sing with Pavarotti, the 'King' of Italian Lyric music. 
This is the very start of Caterina's career as producer. 
The song sold million copies in all the world, called "Miserere" I add it in n. 10 af this playlist
After that one, she become producer of; Bocelli, Ramazzotti, Pausini, Elisa.. 
If you are a singer in Italy and you want become an international pop-star you MUST go to Caterina Caselli's court. 
When Caterina sung, was flower-power times and Caterina Caselli was a support of this stylife, only a support, in her life nothings drugs or easy-loves... 

Caterina Caselli songs with lyrics:

  1. Re di cuori (1970)
  2. Sole spento
Caterina Caselli, in the realty, is a very hard woman , catholic, with old values as God, Family, Home, Work, more some 'new' values as peace and ecology.
I never heard politic contents in her songs, but only love and stylife; and She made a succes every LP recorded.
This kind and particular of her art: Caterina didn't follow the style; She made the style, and now She invent the styles of Italian music...

  • Caterina Caselli songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Sono bugiarda
  2. Spaccami il cuore
  3. Insieme a te non ci sto più 
  4. Perdono (1968)
  5. Tutto nero - Caterina Caselli
  6. Nessuno mi puo' Giudicare (Studio 1 1966)
  7.  E' la pioggia che va

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