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Claudio Baglioni songs bio 50 years of career

Claudio Baglioni songs
Claudio Baglioni
CLAUDIO BAGLIONI is one of most loved singer song-writer of Italy. 
He borns in '51 and he start to sing and to play guitar very young. 
Baglioni come from a modest family and his first songs were Fabrizio De André inspired, as most of songs in these years, "social songs"; if you go to video n.9 you can understand that. 
On '69 RCA publish his first album ( of 17..) and in '74 with 2nd album "Quel piccolo grande amore" is on the top of ranking, with "Poster", and "E tu". 
He was called the singer of good feelings; his songs speaks (all) of love, and for me was very too much! For the 15 years after he made Lp, concerts : all success; women was crazy for him and men detest him.. (as me...) . He stops to run around Italian stadium with his concerts and only 6-7 years after he returns in the scènes with "Io sono qui", video n.16 of playlist. 
His techical is very better and the songs are, finally, with more content than only love. 
 Few years ago he made a tv program on '70s and '80's "Anima Mia " (video n.17): the popular culture story of 30 years of Italian stylife: I think that one is the most important success of Claudio Baglioni: now is a very complete artist.
One One of the musical characteristics of Baglioni is to 'disappear from the scene' for a long time.
Also this time (2013) we have not seen neither published nor on TV, until recently, when, appearing in the TV show of his friend Fabio Fazio presented his new album "Con Voi":

Claudio Baglioni songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Avrai
  2. Strada facendo
  3. Questo piccolo grande amore
    Claudio Baglioni 60s
  4. Poster
  5. Tu come stai
  6. E tu
  7. Amore bello

Claudio Baglioni songs ( album)

  1. 1970 Claudio Baglioni
  2. 1971 Un cantastorie dei giorni nostri
  3. 1972 Questo piccolo grande amore
  4. 1973 Gira che ti rigira amore bello
  5. 1974 E tu...
  6. 1975 Sabato pomeriggio
  7. 1977 Solo
  8. 1978 E tu come stai?
    claudio baglioni 1970
    Baglioni: ROME, 1970
  9. 1981 Strada facendo
  10. 1982 Alè-oò
  11. 1985 La vita è adesso
  12. 1986 Assolo
  13. 1990 Oltre
  14. 1992 Assieme
  15. 1992 Ancorassieme
  16. 1995 Io sono qui
  17. 1996 Attori e spettatori
  18. 1997 Anime in gioco
  19. 1998 Da me a te
  20. 1998 A-Live
  21. 1999 Viaggiatore sulla coda del tempo
  22. 2000 Acustico
  23. 2001 InCanto tra pianoforte e voce
  24. 2003 Sono io, l'uomo della storia accanto
    Claudio Baglioni success
    Claudio Baglioni success
  25. 2005 Crescendo e cercando
  26. 2006 Quelli degli altri tutti qui
  27. 2007 Buon viaggio della vita
  28. 2009 Q.P.G.A
  29. 2010 Per il mondo. World Tour 2010
  30. 2011 Strada facendo ( 30° anniversario)
  31. 2012 Un piccolo Natale in più
  32. 2013 Con Voi

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to these great Italian artists. I'm not Italian myself, nor do I speak or understand the language.However, I am enjoying the music immensely. I discovered your blog while I was looking for music for the mother of a friend of mine. Since most of these artists are completely unknown to me you have been a great help. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog and thank you for the music! I'm currently enjoying Claudio Baglioni.

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