Sergio Cammariere songs, a big Italian talent

Sergio Cammariere
Sergio Cammariere
SERGIO CAMMARIERE borns in Crotone, Calabria and sea will be a big inspiration for his works. 
On 2007 he partecipates to TENCO Premium (a contest for Italian music authors) and wins it; but is only in 2003 big pubblic knows him for a Sanremo's partecipation. 
I love him too much, his style is similar to Paolo Conte, or De Andrè, in something.. 
He takes inspiration from Latin music, jazz and Classic. 
Also this year, Sergio Cammariere will partecipate to Sanremo music festival and we hope will has a good success.

  • Sergio Cammariere songs in the video playlist above:

  1. L'Amore Non Si Spiega
  2. Tutto Quello Che Un Uomo
  3. Sorella Mia
  4. Tu si 'na cosa grande