07 mag 2008

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STEFANO BOLLANI a new Italian Jazz Talent

stefano bollani
STEFANO BOLLANI is a child when it engraves a cassette in which it sings and it plays, it sends it to its myth, Renato Carosone, and it accompanies it with a letter in which he explains its dream. Carosone responds him recommending to listen him so much blues and jazz and so Bollani does. 
To 11 years it enrolls him in the Conservatory of Florence, where he will graduate in 1993, in piano. To 15 he treads the stages as professional, playing above all pop, and contemporarily he studies with big classic and jazz artists. In '96 Bollani meets Enrico Rava, a great italian jazz artist that he immediately invites him to play with him to Paris and it tells him: "You are young, you don't have family. It risks, he leaves the pop one and devoted full time to the music that loves." Bollani follows the suggestion of Rava, he doesn't depart in tour with Jovanotti and it plunges him in the jazz.
In '98 he wins an 'election' with "Musica Jazz", an important italian jazz magazine as 1998 best new talent. That thing, togheter important collaborations, as with Irene Grandi, Jovanotti, Pat Metheney, Stefano Rava, Robeto Gatto, e Richard Galliano. He plays jazz, classic, pop, rock, and also electronic and experimental music.
In 2003 he wins "Carosone award", in Neaples and in the same year the most important japanese jazz magazine , the "Swing Journal" takes to him the "New Star award" for the first time to an european musician. Stefano Bollani is also an 'one man show', his television's partecipations demonstre it, but he doesn't nice as person; some musicians worked with him saids to me that he is a too big 'superego' and, I think, that is the reason for some little problems on his interpersonal rapports... We hope that big italian talent will overcome his problems.

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