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Posted on Jan 4, 2009

Orietta Berti successi
Orietta Berti
Orietta Berti is a perfec example as the Italian Folk music has been the basis for all Italian music. The first Orietta Berti's success comes in '64 , with her only 19 years old.
For 11 times Orietta Berti went in Sanremo Music Festival, and between '60's and '70's She has her biggest success; only in 1995, ater 30 years of career She goes to Tv Shows to present music shows, or sport shows. her big popularity didn't decrease and now, still after 40 years, she invited to all italian music Shows.
The secret of Orietta Berti's 'evergreen success' are in the hervoice, very clear and in the italian folk music. of North Italy - She borns in Emilia-Romagna - made by walzer, polka, anche songs for childrens. I remember very well, that the first song I ever remind was 'Finchè la barca và" ( Still boat goes); that in the video playlist is at n.7, with a very 'strange' version with the violin of a big arist: "Angelo Branduardi".
In the video playlist I add 10 of Orietta Berti's songs, but I hope, in the future, to add others tipcally Italian folk songs that Orietta interpreted, songs that I didn't found in Youtube ( at the moment).
But I foud a site about Orietta Berti


Luigi Lucido Balestrieri said...

I have published your message in my blog and the link to your pages web.
I gather the occasion to wish you and your visitors a 2009 marvelous!
Kindest regards.
Luigi Lucido Balestrieri

X-CH @ n GE said...

Im an italian guy living in London. I was very happy to find Ornella Vanoni but managed to download one of the two part only. Could you please check the links and let me know if they are both still active?
Many thanks

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