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Mietta songs Italian singer

mietta songs
MIETTA , borns in Taranto, Apulia, (South Italy ) on 1969, she is an Italian singer and an actress.
Mietta - Daniela Miglietta is her really name, is a very beautiful woman.
Mietta is a typical Italian Female Beauty - black air, black eyes, marked lines of her facial, a 'big' phisic, a 'Sophia Loren' model, or, better, where find on "The Birth of Venere" the state of the art of that 'kind' of beauty...
The beauty helps her to start to work as model when she was 20 years old; thanks her poweful voice she winned a vocal-competition, where there were 3,000 Young singers, and, on 1988, Mietta wins Sanremo for Youngs with 'Canzoni' ( 'Songs' n.1 of video-playlist), wrote by Amedeo Minghi; the year later, arrives 3rd in Sanremo, together
Amedeo Minghi with the song: 'Vattene amore' ('Go away, my love', song n. 2 of video-playlist) , a love song very easy to remind, and with a tongue-twister, that all Italy sungs for many months....

Collaboration with Minghi continues, and, after 1990, Mietta starts to work as actress in many projects and, after, in many serial-tv, demostrating a good talet to play a role in movies and serial-tv.
The Mietta's career as singer, is the first of her works, and now, she still to sing in Sanremo ( last time on 2008) , to make CD , but also to be 'show-woman' in talk-shows on Tv as 'opinionist' ( that now become a really work...)
I added 22 music-videos in that playlist below, from Mietta's first success, to the latest songs recorded... I hope You enjoin it!

  • Mietta songs in the video playlist above:
  1. Dubbi No (Festival di Sanremo 1991 - Prima Esibizione - AUDIO HQ)
  2. Amedeo Minghi e Mietta - Vattene Amore
  3. Mietta - Fare l'amore - (Sanremo 2000)
  4. Mietta e Neri Per Caso: Baciami adesso ( Sanremo 2008)
  • Mietta songs: (album)
  1. 1990 - Canzoni
  2. 1991 - Volano le pagine
  3. 1992 - Lasciamoci respirare
  4. 1994 - Cambia pelle
  5. 1995 - Daniela è felice
  6. 1998 - La mia anima
  7. 2003 - Per esempio... per amore
  8. 2006 - 74100
  9. 2008 - Con il sole nelle mani
  10. 2011 - Due soli...

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