Dec 23, 2009

Italian Children's Songs lyrics video

Italian children songs video-list lyrics
Songs for children

In Italy there is always a long tradition of children's songs.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the influence of the media, have in society, there are more songs from Italy.
Cartoons, movies and internet affect Our children, most parents do not sing the old Italian songs, and now the most popular songs among children are translated into Italian from international music.
We must said, however, that institutions such as the Zecchino d'Oro help our musical tradition...

In Italy, thanks to an accordance between Rai Tv and Antoniano Choir, from 50's, in the Italian national Tv, Rai, every year, in november, a sort of 'Sanremo', but only for children is 'on air' (next photo) .

italian children songs
Italian Choir of Zecchino d'oro
That has been the first resource by songs for children in Italy but, of course, in the time also many authors, singers and bands, made songs for children, and tv cartoons from '80's, still now, made the rest.
I love song for childrens.
I start to play music, when I sing in a choir of my parish, when I was only 7- 8 years old, and, I must thanks to them, if I love the music as now.
The tradition of 'Choirs for childrens' in Italy, is very very old; we can speak about 'sacred music', of middleages, but I don't know when that thing exatly started and why.
We can only enjoin with that funny songs, very easy to sing and very helpful to learn Italian language. 

Many Italian artists, with time, they sang song for childrens, but there is an artist, who started from very small, just singing in this type of events, she was 3 years old (on the photo), and continued for the rest of life, and now, we may call, the Italian singer, that has had success with songs for children: Cristina d'Avena  .

A List of the Best Italian Children's Songs:

  1. Quel secchione di Leonardo ( song winner of Zecchino d'oro 2013)
  2. Pulcino Pio ( most view italian music video on 2012 lyrics translated)
  3. La canzone della Befana ( lyrics + video)
  5. - mickey mouse march
  6. GIRO GIRO TONDO - Ring a Ring o'Roses
  7. Goldrake Ufo Robot (1978)
  10. ORZOWEI Tv opening theme
  11. Mork and Mindy (1978) - Italian version
  12. Pippi Calzelungle ( Sigla Tv anni '70)
  13. 44 gatti Lyrics translated
  14. Vanità di vanità (1981)
  15. Zum Zum Zum, MINA -  1968
  16. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill soundtracks
  17. La pecora è nel bosco (1967)

Children's songs in that Video playlist: 

  1. Zecchino d'oro - 44 Gatti- 1968
  2. Zecchino d'oro - Valzer del moscerino - 1968
  3. Zecchino d'oro - Volevo un gatto nero - 1969
  4. La bella tartaruga Bruno Lauzi per bambini cartoni zecchino
  5. Canzoni per bambini Papaveri E Papere
  6. Il caffé della Peppina
  7. Balalaika Magica
  8. la vecchia fattoria
  9. Le Tagliatelle Di Nonna Pina
  10. Il Katalicammello
  11. Cocco E Drilli
  12. Piva piva
  13. Madama Dore'
  14. Oh che bel Castello - Canzoni per bambini by Coccole Sonore
  15. Ninna nanna zeneize

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