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Posted on Mar 20, 2011

modà  italian rock band
The 'Modà', which are 5 guys from Milan a few years trying to 'break' in the Italian music market, in fact, now is the new Italian music rock band that has had great success in 2010.
The Modà play a romantic rock that might remind one of the Muses and the Italians 'Vibrazioni' and 'Negramaro'.

With the new album 'Viva i Romantici', released after their participation in Sanremo 2011, we saw them sing a duet with Emma, and come in second place, the fashion have entered all the individuals who have published in 2011 and had a great success in the Italian market Italian music - are in the top rankings of iTunes.

Belove, video playlist of Viva i romantici, the most famous album of Modà (2011):

  1. Modà feat. Jarabedepalo - Come un pittore (Italian/Spanish Version) - Videoclip Ufficiale
  2. Modà feat. Jarabedepalo - Come un pittore - Videoclip Ufficiale
  3. Modà - Tappeto di fragole - Videoclip Ufficiale
  4. Modà - Salvami - Videoclip Ufficiale
  5. Modà - Vittima - Videoclip Ufficiale
  6. Modà feat. Emma - Arriverà - Videoclip Ufficiale
  7. Modà - Arriverà - Videoclip Ufficiale
  8. Modà - Sono già solo - Videoclip ufficiale
  9. Modà - La notte - Videoclip ufficiale

Current members

  • Francesco Silvestre – lead vocals and frontman (2002–present)
  • Diego Arrigoni – electric guitar (2002–present)
  • Enrico Zapparoli – guitar (2007–present)
  • Stefano Forcella – bass guitar (2002–present)
  • Claudio Dirani – drums (2007–present)
Modà songs:

  • Ti amo veramente
  • Dimmi che non hai paura
  • Nuvole di rock
  • Riesci a innamorarmi
  • Quello che non ti ho detto (Scusami)
  • Malinconico a metà
  • Grazie gente
  • Sarò sincero
  • Meschina
  • Timida
  • Sono già solo
  • La notte
  • Arriverà (feat. Emma Marrone + versione solista)
  • Vittima
  • Salvami
  • Tappeto di fragole
  • Come un pittore 
  • Gioia (LP)

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