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Gianluca Capozzi

CAPOZZI GIANLUCA is a neapolitan singer.

Borns on Naples on 1975 and pubblish his firts album 17 years old.
Gianluca Capozzi and his love songs, becomes famous on 2010 with partecipation to Sanremo Music Festival of 2010, with song (and album) "E poi arrivi Tu", Capozzi is a neapolitan singer part of neo-romantici (neo-romantics) ones.
Belove, the most famous songs of Gianluca Capozzi:

Gianluca Capozzi songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Gianluca Capozzi-io ci sarò
  2. Gianluca capozzi - Parlerai di me
  3. E poi arrivi tu Gianluca Capozzi
  4. Gianluca Capozzi la fine di una storia