12 dic 2011

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FIORELLO: best Italian show man

fiorello best italian show man
Fiorello is a friend of a
friend of mine in Sicily, and that's why I always followed with particular attention to his career.
Rosario Fiorello was born in Catania, Sicily, in 1960 and is still a teenager when he started to do the deejay in a small local radio station, from there it goes to make the animator in tourist villages and these are the professional references of Fiorello, is, as they say in America a self-made man, a natural talent.

Its popularity began when he has a television, the 'Karaoke', which was then a novelty, Fiorello can imitate the voices of the singers and also sings well, has a great success that continues for years, unable to do fun when the public and this has helped him even more. 
Fiorello then switch on radio and television with television shows in which he is the main character, now, as I write, Fiorello's television shows are the most followed and loved in Italy: with his imitations can do political satire, as well as to mimic many, many Italian singers, ballet ... 
Fiorello fails, after years of bad television, to bring back the TV show in Italy to the levels of the golden era of Italian Tv shows of '60s and '70s. They are his famous duets with Eros Ramazzotti and Giorgia his personal friends. 
Here, are some vocal performances of Fiorello:

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