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Nina Zilli

Nina Zilli is 31 years old, singing since he is 13, his kind: Motown-style soul, reggae and rock steady.

Born in Italy in 1980, passed his childhood in Ireland, then, she studied at the Conservatory of Piacenza music, opera, then lived two years in the United States where he perfected the English language.
His musical background is punk, reggae, R & B and Motown.
She has had great success after the album came out after 2010 Sanremo, "Sempre Lontano" (Always away), with arrangements well played and a style that many have described similar to Amy Winehouse, but it's sure to please reggae Nina Zilli, and is the kind where it seems to us to express most of its vocal talent.

Certainly, we can say that Nina Zilli, is one of the most exciting emerging singers in the Italian musical world.

Now, waiting for her participation in the Sanremo Festival 2012, here is some of the songs of Nina Zilli who have had more success in 2010:

Nina Zilli discography:


L’Amore E’ Femmina (2012):

1. Per Sempre
2. Per Le Strade
3. Una Notte
4. L’Inverno All’Improvviso
5. La Felicità
6. L’Amore E’ Femmina
7. Piangono Le Viole
8. Non Qui
9. La Casa Sull’Albero
10. Anna
11. Un’Altra Estate
12. Lasciatemi Dormire

Sempre Lontano (2010)

1. 50mila
2. Il Paradiso
3. L’uomo Che Amava Le Donne
4. L’inferno
5. Penelope
6. L’amore Verrà
7. Bacio D’a(d)dio
8. C’era Una Volta
9. Come Il Sole
10. Tutto Bene
11. No Pressure
12. Bellissimo

Album Nina Zilli (2009):

1. 50mila
2. L’inferno
3. Come Il Sole
4. Tutto Bene
5. Penelope
6. L’amore Verrà
7. Bellissimo

Nina Zilli Songs :

  1. 2009 - 50mila (ft. Giuliano Palma)
  2. 2009 - L'inferno
  3. 2009 - L'amore verrà
  4. 2010 - L'uomo che amava le donne
  5. 2010 - Bacio d'a(d)dio
  6. 2012 - Per sempre
  7. 2012 - L'amore è femmina / L'amore è femmina (Out Of Love)
  8. 2012 - Per le strade
  9. 2015 - Sola (Sanremo 2015)

Nina Zilli Official site


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  2. Nina represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012!!


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