Volare Eros Ramazzotti Laura Pausini lyrics translated (best Italian songs)

volare - best italian song ever
Domenico Modugno sings
Volare on Sanremo 1958

"VOLARE" "Nel Blu dipinto di Blu", its real title, was for many years, the most popular Italian song in the world.

Written by Domenico Modugno, won the 1958 Sanremo Music Festival, it was Billboard's number-one singles for the year.
"Volare", is an easy song, which describes the mood of a person in love: 'flies', indeed.
There are many songs that remain in the mind, and when you hear 'Volare', hardly forget thee, for surely the words, which Modugno wrote together with co-author, Mengacci: "That I think a dream like that will never return, I my hands and my face painted blue, then was swept up by Suddenly the wind and started to fly in the endless sky "...

"Volare", was a great success in 1958 in Italy, because it was a decidedly new style, the style called the 'screamers', and won 2 Grammy Awards in America, and the single sold 22 million copies in the world.
In 2005, During the 50th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, "Volare" become 2nd, after "Waterloo" by Abba, the leader of Abba Declared: "I voted for Volare".

Below, the videos with Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti that during 2006 Sanremo Music Festival, are a tribute to this song and together singing "Volare", I also Modugno also included, in the original version, with subtitles in English and Italian:

Original Version, sing by Domenico Modugno, with Subtitles in English:

Here: artists made a cover of 'Volare'.

  1. 101 Strings Orchestra
  2. Adriano Celentano
  3. Al Martino
  4. Albano Carrisi
  5. Alex Chilton
  6. Alex Prior
  7. Ambelique
  8. Andiamo
  9. André Hazes
  10. Andre Kostelanetz
  11. Barney Kessel
  12. Barry White
  13. Bill Jennings
  14. Bobby Rydell
  15. Brave Combo
  16. Captain Jack
  17. Caterina Valente
  18. Chet Atkins
  19. Claudio Baglioni (2 times)
  20. Claudio Villa
  21. Cliff Richard
  22. Connie Francis
  23. Cortijo
  24. Cyril Stapleton
  25. Dalida (come Dans le bleu du ciel bleu)
  26. David Bowie
  27. Dean Martin
  28. Diego de Cossio
  29. Domenico Modugno
  30. Earl Grant
  31. El Gato's Rhythm Orchestra
  32. Ella Fitzgerald
  33. Emilio Pericoli
  34. Engelbert Humperdinck
  35. Ferrante & Teicher
  36. Flavio Sala
  37. Frank Sinatra
  38. Frank Zappa
  39. Fred Buscaglione
  40. G4
  41. Gianna Nannini
  42. Gigi D'Agostino
  43. Gipsy Kings
  44. Gipsy Rumba
  45. Gracie Fields
  46. Herman Foster
  47. Hit Crew
  48. Hugo Montenegro
  49. Ismael Rivera
  50. Jerry Vale
  51. John Arpin
  52. Joni James
  53. Jose Marcello e la sua orchestra
  54. Julius LaRosa
  55. Kaizer (in live)
  56. Kirby Stone
  57. Lionel Hampton
  58. Lisa Ono
  59. Louis Armstrong
  60. Lounge Noir
  61. Lucho Gatica
  62. Luciano Pavarotti
  63. Marco Missinato
  64. Marino Marini
  65. Mario Peralta
  66. Masafumi Akikawa
  67. Melcochita
  68. Michael Junior
  69. Mina
  70. Nelson Riddle
  71. Nilla Pizzi
  72. Nino Rossano
  73. Noemi
  74. Oleksandr Ponomaryov
  75. Orchestra del sole
  76. Oscar Peterson
  77. Paul McCartney
  78. Petty Booka
  79. Petula Clark
  80. Ray Conniff
  81. Ray Charles
  82. Real Orquesta Filarmonica de Madrid
  83. Richard Clayderman
  84. Richie Cole
  85. Rita Pavone
  86. Robert Wuhl (dal film Hollywood Knights)
  87. Rocky Roberts
  88. Ro.Bo.T.
  89. Roger Williams
  90. Rosario e i giaguari
  91. Russell Watson
  92. Sergio Franchi
  93. Simona Molinari
  94. Son Boricua
  95. Stefano Bollani
  96. Taxi Gang
  97. The Ames Brothers
  98. The Chelsea Strings
  99. The Jive Aces
  100. The McGuire Sisters
  101. The Platters
  102. The Romantic Strings
  103. The Sicilians
  104. The Starlite Singers
  105. Thomas Anders
  106. Tiziana Ghiglioni
  107. Trini Lopez
  108. U2 - al concerto di Modena l'hanno fatta cantare al pubblico
  109. Violines de Pego
  110. Vitamin C
  111. Wayne Newton
  112. Willy Alberti
  113. Ximena Sariñana
  114. Raúl Rodríguez
  115. Yukihiro Takahashi