01 mar 2012

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MORODER: Italian most influential in music history of the '900 - Videos

giorgio moroder - donna summer
Moroder and Donna Summer
3 Oscar, 3 Grammy Awards, 150 Gold Records, self-taught, Giorgio Moroder, has collaborated with the greatest international musicians of the '70s and '80s.
In 75, a joke, Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer (on right) think of producing a hard sexy song, imitating "Je t'aime ... moi non plus", 69. Donna Summer gives it the title: "Love To Love You Baby" And Moroder makes the music: Bogart's wife makes it play at a party: among the guests are locked in a kind of dance-orgy, and you continue to play the piece all the night. Is given the OK to Moroder, provided that lengthens the time, for 3 minutes arrive at 16'51" with Donna Summer which simulates 22 or 23 orgasms: Moroder at once, a little 'artist, a little' geometer , invented the 12", the remix, the figure of the author producer, customs clearance disco music, from underground, a mass phenomenon, and starts the Club Culture.
It amazing what he managed to produce, Giorgio Moroder, songs that are considered masterpièces of disco and electronic music watching this video playlist, below, You will be surprised, in how many famous songs the name Moroder results as producer or co-producer: for example soundtracks: Flashdance, The Never Ending Story, American Gigolò .

Born in Trentino, Italian only as a passport, his language is Ladino..

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  2. Yes as I saw, the T-shirt is 'Fruit of the loom', an italian brand, if i remember well...
    I didnt't see it..


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