01 lug 2017

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Vasco Rossi Best rock songs live HD

Here is a medley of the best rock songs of Vasco Rossi, a medley that was made by Vasco, during the Tuor in 2008.

The Rock of Vasco Rossi is powerful, hard rock, Vasco gets help from great rock musicians, great guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, but are hardly ever the same, apart from a few friends, like Massimo Riva, died recently.

vasco rossi - best rock songs
Vasco Rossi
In each concert, Vasco Rossi, seeks to satisfy his audience with songs even older than 30 years.
Being present at a concert of Vasco Rossi is always a unique experience, try it, recommended:
Vasco rossi Best songs 
Vasco Rossi canzoni d'amore

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