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"Io Vivrò (senza Te)" - "I will live (Without You)", is the 4th song released by Lucio Battisti, 24 October 1968, one of the masterpieces of the great Italian musician.

The full title is : "The Song for Mary, I will live without you", and speaks of a love done, very poignant, is really interesting for the use of guitar, progressive rock did so, in fact, Lucio Battisti was a pioneer of Italian music,
and has managed to transform the Italian song, style Sanremo, to international, renewing their music all the time, and I personally appreciate Lucio for that too.
Here's the song, with the text translated into English language:
PS: more than 20 covers some singers has done of that song...

Lyrics: Io vivrò, Senza Te - Battisti:

  • Che non si muore per amore
  • e' una gran bella verita' 
  • percio' dolcissimo mio amore 
  • ecco quello, quello che, da domani 
  • mi accadra' 
  • Io vivro' senza te 
  • anche se ancora non so 
  • come io vivro' 
  • Senza te, io senza te 
  • solo continuero' e dormiro' 
  • mi svegliero', camminero' 
  • lavorero', qualche cosa faro' 
  • qualche cosa faro', si, qualche cosa faro' 
  • qualche cosa di sicuro io faro': piangero' 
  • si' io piangero' 
  • E se ritorni nella mente 
  • basta pensare che non ci sei 
  • che sto soffrendo inutilmente 
  • perche' so, io lo so, io so che non tornerai 
  • Senza te, io senza te 
  • solo continuero' 
  • e dormiro', mi svegliero' 
  • camminero', lavorero' 
  • qualche cosa faro' qualche cosa faro' 
  • si' qualche cosa di sicuro io faro', 
  • piangero', io piangero' 
  • Si' piangero', io, piangero'... 
Lyrics translation Io vivrò senza Te:
that you don't die for (because of) love 
is a great truth
so, my sweet love
here is what
what will happen to me from tomorrow on

I'll live 
without you
even if I still don't know how
I will live.
without you
I, without you,
will go on alone
and I'll sleep
I'll wake up
I'll walk
I'll work
I'll do something
I'll do something
Yes, I'll do something
I will surely do something
I'll cry
yes, I'll cry

and if you come back to my mind
I just have to think that you're not here
that I'm suffering in vain
because I know how to live along
I know that you won't come back