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Posted on Oct 23, 2012

planet funk italian band
Planet Funk

Here is one of the most popular Italian Bands of recent years all over the world: Planet Funk.

The Planet Funk doesn't plays italian traditional music, but electronic dance, and They are excellent.
Their first single (Chase the Sun), immediately became famous, even singing to stadiums all over Europe, and another song that became famous is "Who Said" (2003).
Their last hit, a cover of "These boots are made for walking" (2012) was amazing
The Planet Funk have their record studios in Naples.

Guests of Planet Funk:

  1. Dan Black, Auli Coconut, Sally Doherty, Raiz: voices in the album Non Zero Sumness and Planet Funk
  2. Jim Kerr: author and voice of "One Step Closer" album Non Zero Sumness
  3. John Graham, Sally Doherty and Dan Black: voices in the album The Illogical Consequence
  4. Cecilia Chailly: electric harp album The Illogical Consequence
  5. Luke Allen: vocals on the album Static
  6. Joel Edwards: vocals on the tour of the album Planet Funk
  7. Giuliano Sangiorgi: voice in the song "Now the world is perfect," the album The Great Shake

Members of Planet Funk:

  1. Marco Baroni, 
  2. Domenico "GG" Canu, 
  3. Sergio Della Monica, 
  4. Alex Neri and 
  5. Alex Uhlmann
Planet Funk collaborations:
  1. Simple Minds, 
  2. Dan Black, 
  3. Cecilia Chailly,
  4. Giuliano Sangiorgi, 
  5. Jovanotti, 
  6. Pier Cortese,  
  7. Raiz.

Lyrics Chase the Sun Planet Funk:

  • I'm flying away 
  • Running like the wind 
  • As I chase the sun 
  • Up spinning around 
  • Circles in my mind 
  • Sailing over ground 

Lyrics Who said (2003):

  • I've never been to the USA
  • I'm a slave for the minimal wage
  • Detroit, New York and L.A
  • But I'm stuck in the U.K.

Belove: These boot are made for walking, a great success in Italy


  1. 2002: Non Zero Sumness
  2. 2005: The Illogical Consequence
  3. 2006: Static
  4. 2009: Planet Funk
  5. 2011: The Great Shake


  1. 2000 : "Chase the Sun" 
  2. 2001 : "Inside All the People" 
  3. 2002 : "Who Said (Stuck in the UK)" 
  4. 2003 : "The Switch" - 
  5. 2003 : "Paraffin" (Promo)
  6. 2003 : "One Step Closer" (featuring Simple Minds)
  7. 2004 : "Stop Me" - 
  8. 2005 : "Everyday" (Promo)
  9. 2005 : "Inhuman Perfection" (Promo)
  10. 2006 : "It's Your Time"
  11. 2007 : "Static"
  12. 2009 : "Lemonade" - 
  13. 2009 : "Too Much TV" (Promo)
  14. 2011 : "Another Sunrise"
  15. 2011 : "You Remain" (Promo)
  16. 2011 : "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" - 

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