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Il cuore é uno zingaro (Nada) testo lyrics bio and other songs

nada il cuore è uno zingaro testo lyrics
Nada in early 70s
Nada Malanima, called also NADA has won Sanremo Music Festival on 1971 with this song: "Il cuore é uno zingaro" (The heart is a gypsy).
Nada borns in Tuscany on 1953, and becomes popular on '69 when partecipates at her first Sanremo.
This song participates in Sanremo in a time where every song was sung by two different singers in 2 different styles: Nicola Di Bari and Nada chose this one, which was written by Migliacci and Mattone.
Nada was particularly popular during the early '70s, but only thanks to her 'return' on the scene in the early '80s that could not be forgotten by the Italian public.
Now Nada has released its latest album in 2008 and is also a writer who has published several novels and poetry, he has published two novels and a book of poems.

NADA songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Ma che freddo fa
  2. Il mio cuore é uno zingaro
  3. Amore disperato

Testo Il cuore é uno zingaro NADA:

  • Avevo una ferita in fondo al cuore, soffrivo, soffrivo…
  • Le dissi non è niente ma mentivo, piangevo, piangevo.
  • Per te si è fatto tardi è già notte,
  • non mi tenere lasciami giù
  • mi disse non guardarmi negli occhi,
  • e mi lasciò cantando così:

  • "Che colpa ne ho se il cuore è uno zingaro e va
  • catene non ha, il cuore è uno zingaro e va.
  • Finché troverà, il prato più verde che c’è
  • raccoglierà le stelle su di se
  • e si fermerà chissà… e si fermerà".

  • L' ho vista un anno dopo l'altra sera, rideva, rideva.
  • Mi strinse, lo sapeva che il mio cuore, batteva, batteva.
  • Mi disse stiamo insieme stasera
  • che voglia di rispondere sì…
  • ma senza mai guardarla negli occhi
  • io la lasciai cantando così:

  • "Che colpa ne ho…………….

Lyrics translation Il cuore é uno zingaro NADA:

  • I had a wound in my heart, I suffered, I suffered ...
  • I told her it's nothing but I lied, I cried, I cried.
  • For you it's late night already,
  • do not hold me let me down
  • I said do not look me in the eyes,
  • and left me singing like this:

  • "Is it my fault if the heart is a gypsy and goes
  • chains did not, the heart is a gypsy and goes.
  • Until it finds the grass is greener than
  • collect the stars on himself
  • and who knows ... it will stop and it will stop. "

  • I 've seen one year after the other night, she laughed and laughed.
  • He shook, he knew that my heart was beating, beating.
  • He told me we're together tonight
  • who wants to answer yes ...
  • but never look into her eyes
  • I left her singing like this:

  • "Is it my fault ................
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