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Posted on Aug 31, 2013

Mino Reitano
Mino Reitano
MINO REITANO dies on January 27 2009, he was 64 years old.
Mino Reitano was a singer very loved in Italy; borns in Calabria from a very poor family, studies 8 years piano, violin and trumpet in a Reggio Calabria's Conservatory and, with his brothers makes a group: "Fratelli Reitano" ( Reitano's Bros.) ; that groups plays together " Quarrymen " in Hamburg club, group that some time after will change the name in "Beatles"...
The success for Mino Reitano cames with Sanremo; He partecipates to Sanremo's Music Fest for many times: tha first time in 1967 with a song wrote by Battisti and Mogol "Non prego per me", sung with Hollies Group (n. 20 in that playlist); the Graham Nash's Group ..
In '68 the 2 biggest success:" Avevo un cuore (che ti amava tanto) " and " Una chitarra cento illusioni."
With earns of these 2 big success He bought in North Italy a sort of big 'ranch', called 'Reitanopoli', where all his family ( with parents, brothers and theirs families ) goes to lives together
Mino Reitano reminded to all italians also for that. his big generousity .
The most beautiful songs of Mino Reitano were romantic songs, but his tenore's voice could also to sing 'opera' and 'bel canto''s songs
As the big part of '60's singers, also Mino Reitano doens't has more big success in 80's and 90's, a heavy disease cannot permit to him continues to sing...

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