Laura Pausini 20 The Greatest Hits - In assenza di te

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

Laura Pausini 20 The Greatest Hits
Laura Pausini
20 The Greatest Hits
From today, the new album by Laura Pausini "20 - The Greatest Hits" is available for pre-order on iTunes at a special price, waiting to come out worldwide on November 12, an LP released to celebrate 20 years of career of Laura Pausini.
Buyers who will make a pre-order for this disk can immediately download the bonus track "In assenza di te ( Nuova versione 2013)", a song historic revisited for this collection and only available on iTunes.
At this time, both the Greatest Hits, is the song "In assenza di Te" are flying one of the leaders of the digital platform.
Remains firmly at the top of the top ten also "Cambia-Menti", the new single by Vasco Rossi which is now also available on CD with poster. Since being named ambassador of Emilia Romagna in the world, Laura flew to the United States with her daughter Paola.
Laura Pausini é tornata, e lo fa alla grande: per celebrare i suoi 20 anni di carriera pubblica un LP: "20 - The Greatest Hits" che sarà in vendita dal 12 Novembre, ma che da oggi si può preordinare, preordine che avrà un regalo: il download di In assenza di Te, uno dei cavalli di battaglia della Laura nazionale.
Questa canzone é già nei primi posti delle canzoni più scaricate da internet, proprio in queste ore, anche se é ancora Lorde con Royals, al primo posto.


  1. “Laura 1976 – Ramaya”
  2. La solitudine” / “La soledad” (with Ennio Morricone) [New Version 2013]
  3. “Non c’è” / “Se fué” (with Marc Anthony) [New Version 2013]
  4. “Gente” (New Version 2013)
  5. “Strani amori” / “Amores extraños” (New Version 2013)
  6. “Incancellabile” / “Inolvidable” (New Version 2013)
  7. “Le cose che vivi” / “Las cosas que vives” / “Tudo o que eu vivo” (with Ivete Sangalo) [New Version 2013]
  8. “It’s Not Goodbye” (New Version 2013)
  9. “One More Time”
  10. “Tra te e il mare” / “Entre tú y mil mares” (New Version 2013)
  11. “Every Day Is a Monday” (Remastered)
  12. “E ritorno da te” / “Volveré junto a ti” (New Version 2013)
  13. “Surrender” (New Version 2013)
  14. “Vivimi” / “Víveme” (with Alejandro Sanz) [New Version 2013]
  15. Come se non fosse stato mai amore” / “Como si no nos hubiéramos amado” (Remastered)
  16. “Mi abbandono a te” / “Me abandono a ti” (Remastered)
  17. “Prendo te” (New Version 2013)
  18. “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” (with Michael Bublè) [Live 2005]
  19. “She” (Uguale a lei) [New Version 2013]
  20. “Surrender to Love” (with Ray Charles)
  21. “Dare to Live” (Vivere) / “Vive ya!” [with Andrea Bocelli]
  22. “Te amaré” (with Miguel Bosé)
  23. “Ascolta il tuo cuore” (Live 2007)
  24. “Io canto” / “Je chante” (with Lara Fabian) [New Version 2013]
  25. “Paris au mois d’août” (with Charles Aznavour)
  26. “Invece no” / “En cambio no” (Remastered)
  27. “Primavera in anticipo (It Is My Song)” / “Primavera anticipada (It Is My Song)” [with James Blunt] {Remastered}
  28. “Con la musica alla radio” / “Con la música en la radio” (New Version 2013)
  29. “Un’emergenza d’amore” (Live 2009)
  30. “Non ho mai smesso” / “Jamás abandoné” (Remastered)
  31. “Benvenuto” / “Bienvenido” (Remastered)
  32. “Celeste” (Remastered)
  33. “Paola” (New Version 2013)
  34. “Resta in ascolto” / “Escucha atento” (Live 2012)
  35. “Dove resto solo io” / “Donde quedo solo yo” (Original New Track)
  36. Limpido” (Solo Version) [Original New Track]
  37. Se non te” / “Sino a ti” (Original New Track)
  38. Limpido” / “Limpio” (with Kylie Minogue) [Original New Track]
  39. “In assenza di te” (New Version 2013)

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