Oct 7, 2013

Sanremo 2014 singers songs winner

Sanremo 2014 singers songs winner
Sanremo 2014
Sanremo 2014 will begin Tuesday, February 18, 2014, at 21 Italian and You can watch it live (even streaming) from the channels of RAI 1.
Every night until Saturday 22 February - the last night when We will know the winner - we can hear new Italian songs for over 4 hours.
After the first rumors about the next Sanremo Italian Song Festival, here the rules of the new edition: Fabio Fazio and Littizzetto will present Sanremo, as the last year.
A total of 44 songs will be presented, two for every artist.
Two new songs for each singer "Big" ( singers most famous). Singers interpret two pieces on the stage and one of these will immediately delete by first vote.
The evening of Friday, is called San Remo Club, dedicated to the history of Italian music: the Big 14 with a guest whose duet with Italian or foreign, the Newcomers section has singers between 18 and 36 years old.
Every song will be sing in Italian language.

Final update: 

  • Rocco Hunt wins the newcomers section 
  • Arisa wins Big artist section
  • Below, You can see the song and the link to see the video and lyrics of the songs, and the position of every singer. 
  • The song of Riccardo Senigallia was banned for copyright reason.

Update February, 19 2014: After the first night of Sanremo, We know the title of 7 traks will continue the festival; tomorrow We'll know ever the rest ot songs sung by 'Big Artists':
  • Arisa, Controvento
  • Frankie Hi-NRG, Pedala
  • Antonella Ruggiero, Da Lontano
  • Raphael Gualazzi con i Bloody Beetroots, Liberi o no
  • Cristiano De Andrè, Il cielo è vuoto
  • Perturbazione, L’unica
  • Giusy Ferreri, Ti porto a cena con me
  • Francesco Renga , Vivendo adesso
  • Giuliano Palma , Così vicino
  • Noemi , Bagnati dal sole
  • Renzo Rubino , Ora
  • Ron , Sin in the rain 
  • Riccardo Sinigallia , Prima di andare via  
  • Francesco Sarcina , Nel tuo sorriso 

Final Newcomer section :

  • Diodato , Babilonia
  • Zibba , Senza di te

  • Big artists section:

Artist and final place ranking  1st song  2nd song
Antonella Ruggiero - 12th  Quando balliamo Da lontano
Arisa - 1st Lentamente Controvento
Cristiano De André - 7th Invisibili Il cielo è vuoto
Francesco Renga - 4th A un isolato da Te Vivendo adesso
Frankie Hi-Nrg - 8th Pedala Un uomo è vivo
Francesco Sarcina - 10th Nel Tuo sorriso In questa città
Giusy Ferreri - 9th L'amore possiede il bene Ti porto a cena con me
Giuliano Palma - 11th Così lontano Un bacio crudele
Noemi  - 5th Bagnati dal sole Un uomo é un albero
Perturbazione - 6th L'unica L'Italia vista dal Bar
Raphael Gualazzi feat. Bloody Beetroots - 2nd Liberi o no Tanto ci sei
Renzo Rubino - 3rd Ora Per sempre e poi basta
Riccardo Sinigallia - (banned for copyright infringment)  Prima di andare via Una rigenerazione
Ron - 13th Un abbraccio unico Sing in the rain

  • Newcomers section:

Artist              Song  Final Position
Bianca                           Saprai              -
Diodato                      Babilonia          2nd
Filippo Graziani                 Le cose belle              -
Rocco Hunt        Nu juorno buono            1st
De Niro                               1969            4th
Veronica De Simone  Nuvole che passano               -
Vadim                La normalità                -
Zibba                   Senza di Te           3rd

The names of singer and song will be update soon as possible (will be published).


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Always The Tv Highlight If The Year

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