Italian American musician: Carmine Appice, drummer

Carmine Appice é nato negli Stati Uniti d'America, ma ha delle origini italiane, come evidenziato dal suo nome, ed è considerato uno dei primi batteristi hard rock mondiali, da quando iniziò a suonare con i Vanilla Fudge nel 1967; il suo batterista di riferimento é stato Gene Krupa , al quale si è ispirato per creare il suo stile.

Non molto famoso in Italia, Appice dopo aver suonato con questo gruppo di rock psichedelico ha suonato diversi anni con Rod Stewart ed altri validi musicisti.
Nato nel 1946 ancora oggi suona ed insegna ad alti livelli, come si può vedere in questo video musicale di seguito, girato nel 2012 quando Carmine Appice ha 66 anni.
Carmine Appice was born in the United States of America, but it has Italian origins, as evidenced by its name, and is considered one of the top drummers in hard rock world, from when he started playing with Vanilla Fudge in 1967; his drummer reference was Gene Krupa, who was inspired to create his own style.
Not very famous in Italy, Appice after playing with this group of
Italian American musician: Carmine Appice, drummer
Carmine Appice,
Italian American Drummer
psychedelic rock, he played several years with Rod Stewart and other good musicians.
Born in 1946, he still performs and teaches at high levels, as can be seen in this music video below, shot in 2012, when Carmine Appice is 66 years old.
Appice is a drummer equipped with a high technical level. In addition to technique, it is very appreciated for his originality and for his testing of new groove drumming, extrapolating all he can from many different genres: rock, jazz, fusion, heavy metal.
His solos are very musical, as he most bay on the clean sound and the speed of execution.
Thanks to his musical versatility, is a musician who can play even in a simple and essential, the testimonies are Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? and Young Turks, two songs recorded by Appice and Rod Stewart, where he performs groove seemingly trivial but hiding a great demeanor of the time. Many musicians call it even a good teacher and his methods are considered among the best in the rock