Renzi and the English language: "Meucci is very good Italian..."

Renzi and the English language "Meucci is very good Italian..."
Matteo Renzi
image by: Reuters
Eccoci qua a fare le pulci a Matteo Renzi ed al suo inglese maccheronico,  mentre spiega l'agenda digitale europea.
Le critiche a Renzi non sono solo per il suo uso della lingua inglese piuttosto approssimativo, ma pure per l'uso di parole tecniche più che approssimative, come ci fa notare Mente Critica.
Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi speaks a terrible English.
In Tuscany dialect we call him "Il Ganzo di Firenze" (The Florence Bad Ass), because He loves to say "I 'll solve this problem in few days" .
Matteo Renzi is very popular in Italy in these days, thanks to a very strong advertising campaign.
Renzi is supported by all the Italian and foreign finance, from large lobbies, and also by Berlusconi and Monti.
Renzi is the new secretary of the PD, the Democratic Party Italian, and the top 3 public television, the largest 3 private TV  (owned by Berlusconi), the two largest publishers of newspapers and online newspapers, all make propaganda for "Matthew Renzi".
In Italy, at this time, the only opposition party is the 5 Star Movement, the movement of Beppe Grillo.