07 mar 2015

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The Winner of Sanremo 2015 is IL VOLO

As we predicted three days ago, the trio Il Volo with the song "Grande amore" wins 65th Sanremo Festival.

Thanks to the manager "Michele Torpedo", to the orchestra, "which is 50% of the exhibition" and "a dream come true thanks Italy" is the reaction heat of the three interpreters Il Volo, after victory in the Sanremo Festival, before running back to the song Grande amore.

Nek, with the song "Fatti avanti, amore", took second place at 65th  Sanremo Festival. Third  place for Malika Ayane, with the song "Adesso e qui".

The Winner of Sanremo 2015 is IL VOLO
Shortly before the announcement of the winner of the Sanremo Festival, Arisa, Rocio and Emma read three letters of thanks to Carlo Conti. If Arisa concludes saying he "was happy to be in this beautiful bandwagon", Rocio is moved and weeps citing the smile of Charles "always ready to welcome me and his hand that did not leave me never fall." Even Emma recoils and says: "In the end she always wins, the music."

Here is the last evening of the Festival of Sanremo. Opening the show the cast modern opera Romeo and Juliet. Loves and changes the world. Then comes on stage and  Gianna Nannini sings 'L'immensità' and his 'You're in'. Then the show of Giorgio Panariello that comes in version Renato Zero. It comes Ed Sheeran.

Sanremo 2015 competing songs and artists and results achieved

  1. Il Volo - Grande amore
  2. Nek - Fatti avanti, amore 
  3. Malika Ayane - Adesso e qui
  4. Annalisa - Una finestra tra le stelle 
  5. Chiara - Straordinario 
  6. Marco Masini - Che giorno è 
  7. Dear Jack - Il mondo esplode tranne noi 
  8. Gianluca Grignani - Sogni infranti 
  9. Nina Zilli - Sola 
  10. Lorenzo Fragola - Siamo uguali 
  11. Alex Britti - Un attimo importante 
  12. Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome 
  13. Nesli - Buona fortuna amore 
  14. Bianca Atzei - Il solo al mondo 
  15. Moreno - Oggi ti parlo così 
  16. Grazia Di Michele e Mauro Coruzzi - Io sono una finestra.
winners of sanremo 2015
Kaligola with the song "Oltre il Giardino" was awarded the Premio Sergio Bardotti for Best Lyrics in the Sanremo Festival. The award was presented to the young rapper Roman, who was in the race between the Newcomers Section.
Recall that yesterday, has been awarded caccamo Giovanni Caccamo and his song "Ritornerò da te" which won the Young Singers category and also the Critics Award "Mia Martini"

Finally, Sanremo rewards young italian singers: IL VOLO, are a trio with an average age just over 20 years, Giovanni Caccamo is 24 years old, Kaligola is a rapper only 16 years old.

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