02 ott 2016

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TIROMANCINO: songs, bio, video of Italian group

TIROMANCINO, is one of more important New Italian Group.
They starts to play in '90s. 
Federico Zampaglione is the leader, singer, and song-writer of that group.
Federico Zampaglione (the guitarist in the photo on the right) has a brother , poet, and his songs are very near to 
liryc poetry
In all Tiromancino's production we can hear poetry words and acoustic guitars: is the Tiromancino's unmistakeble sign.
 Another big feauters of that group are the videos; Federico Zampaglione ( a complete artist ) made a film as director: "Nero Bifamigliare". The musical-videos of Tiromancino, in effect ar little stories, with hilarus, and art image components that really I love. 
Let's to enjoin its!

TIROMANCINO: songs, bio, video of Italian group

  1. 1992 - Tiromancyno
  2. 1994 - Insisto
  3. 1995 - Alone alieno
  4. 1997 - Rosa spinto
  5. 2000 - La descrizione di un attimo
  6. 2002 - In continuo movimento
  7. 2004 - Illusioni parallele
  8. 2007 - L'alba di domani
  9. 2010 - L'essenziale
  10. 2014 - Liberi

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