1 apr 2007

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One Singer for one week (How to use this blog and video playlist)

One Singer for one week
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      About that Italian music Blog

        On 2005 DNS comes in front of my house, I bought my first Pc and made the thing I wanted from many, many years:
        I opened this Blog; it was February, 25, 2007 with that goal :
        To help all the world to know the Italian Popular Culture by Italian Popular Music, in english language: the language more used on internet.
        We makes a reviews for every Singer, Group or Music Author, We use YouTube videos, and after choose the best videos for every Singer,and to make a video playlist with it, we pubblish a post. We talks about careers, lifes, success, greatiest hits, and talks about pop culture of the moment, and, of course we makes personal opinions about singers . After some months and after many singers we pubblished a List of Italian Singers, to help readers to find the Singer that They wants. 

         We hope that will be useful. We'll pubblish , minimum, a Singer every weeks and to support that site we opened ITALIAN SONGS News ( the adress is below) that will be as 'prove' of articles, as News about Italian Music, new albums, concerts and other notices that We can't pubblish here. In 2008 we opened X FACTOR Italia, as you can see below; a Blog very appreciate in Italy. That is the first edition of the Italian version of X Factor and we hope it will play the next years.

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