23 giu 2007

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Rino Gaetano songs: the clown of Italian Music

Rino Gaetano
Rino Gaetano
To show who was RINO GAETANO and what he means for Italian teenagers between '70's and '80's, is not easy, because to speak about Rino Gaetano means to speak about Italian History of '70's. To the end of '70's, Rino Gaetano becomes, in few times, very famouse; only 2-3 years after He will died in a car-crash; He was only 31 years old.
After some others song-writers very seriously, that sungs social stories comes from left culture, he starts to sing the love together social contents in a more easy way. In 1978 , the time of revolution goes to end, when 'Red Brigades kidnapped and murdered Aldo Moro, the Italian Prime Minister. If you don't know these things will be very difficult to understand why that Rino Gaetano , a little man that comes from Calabria becomes an Icon for many peoples. All italian society, in these years was under terror, and teenagers needs to life and to go out of that intellectual climate; in Rino Gaetano We found an icon of peace and love, without forget social problems of that time. I hope with links to Wikipedia You'll can to know and understand the '70's Italian History.

That follow video, is a documentary in Italian language, in 5 parts, about Rino Gaetano and the Italian History from Rai, the Italian Pubblic Tv; the Tv program is one of my preferites called 'Rai Educational', or 'Rai Edu';
Istruzioni: per vedere tutto il documentario cliccare su 'play: automatimamente , uno dopo l'altro, i video si caricheranno: sono 5 video per quasi un'ora di trasmissione

Rino Gaetano songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Sfiorivano le viole
  2. Ma il cielo è sempre più blu videoclip
  3. Ahi Maria
  4. Gianna
  5. Io Ci Sto (live)
  6. Eri piccola così
  7. Ping pong inedita
  8. Gianna in English
  9. Nun te regghe cchiù (performed by Italian actor Santamaria)
  10.  Io scriverò
  11. Supponiamo Un Amore
  12. Tu forse non essenzialmente tu (1974)
  13. I tuoi occhi sono pieni di sale
  14. I miei sogni d'anarchia
  15. Aida

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