17 giu 2017

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Vasco Rossi bio and songs of the Italian rocker

Below, 2h of non-stop music with Vasco Rossi best songs.
Junky, cocaine addict, detox, poet, Dj, Author of lyrics of songs, author of Music, Singer, Rocker, Pop Star, Vasco Rossi is all this, but much more, Vasco Rossi is an Italian musical legend.

Vasco Rossi was born in a small town in the Emilia-Romagna, in Zocca, in 1952, immediately started DJing, and making music, the author tries to make music, and he succeeds, his songs are full of more self-destructive culture of the '80s and 90's.

Vasco Rossi the unstoppable Italian singer:

Vasco was born in 1952, but in 2017 he has thousands of fans going to his concerts.
His songs always have the same melodies and lyrics as he began in the 1980s, but listeners never get tired of Vasco, he is definitely the Italian singer who has filled more stages than any other Italian singer

Vasco Rossi bio and songs of the Italian rocker
Vasco Rossi in a recent concert

Vasco Rossi, has a great modern musical culture, and has always been very up to date with the trends of international music, this thing, along with his lyrics, many of whom spoke of his love affairs, enabled him to become one of the singers most loved in Italy.
His first big success came after his first participation in Sanremo, and the same summer, in 1981, with the album "Siamo Solo Noi" (We are only We) has become a music legend.
Vasco released an album every year, and each time comes in first place in the music charts, and now, in total, has  30 million copies sold.

The concerts of Vasco, are always sold out, tens of thousands of people book tickets months in advance, and stadiums across Italy are full of fans, is why fans of Vasco Rossi are the most faithful, are those who follow him everywhere. Each tour of Vasco is an event, an event that all of his fans follow closely, because the concert of Vasco Rossi are really cool.
Vasco loves to perform live, Vasco is a real person, who has never compromised, and now, despite the advanced age and a life of lawlessness, is best expressed in his concerts.

Vasco Rossi songs on the Video Playlist above:

  1. C'è chi dice no
  2. Vasco Live San Siro 2007 - Inizio concerto - Basta Poco
  3. Albachiara - Live 2007 - S.Siro - Milano
  4. Il mondo che vorrei
  5. Siamo Soli
  6. Ogni volta
  7. Rewind
  8. Un senso
  9. vasco rossi - un senso
  12. iVasco
  13. Ad Ogni Costo
  14. Vasco Rossi - Eh...già
  15. Vasco Rossi - Manifesto futurista della nuova umanità
  16. Vasco Rossi -Vado al massimo
  17. Vasco Rossi - La nostra relazione (live concerto)
  18. Vasco Rossi - Tango...(Della Gelosia) - Live Europe Indoor
  19. Vasco Rossi - Dillo Alla Luna Live
  20. Vasco Rossi-Luna per te
  23. Vasco Rossi-Delusa
  24. Vasco Rossi - I soliti
  25. Vasco Rossi - Gli spari sopra
  26. Vasco Rossi "Colpa D´Alfredo"
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