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Daniele Silvestri songs, new Italian sound

DANIELE SILVESTRI , is not very knows out of Italy the reason is that he doesn't writes in english. Borns in '68, Silvestri is one of more rewarded author in life. His career starts in '94 on Sanremo' Music Festival and continues with LPs and concerts, The last one is "Il Latitante", soundtrack of a  movie; another song "Gino e l'Alfetta" , first song of upcoming playlist is the official song of Italian Gay Pride. 
When I listened Daniele Silvestri for the first time I think that's the way of a new Italian Sound. In his music there are many components: rock, jazz, electronic, and the sound is very exting. Also the texts are goods, but I think there are too many politics. This thing likes to italian pubblic but it's a stop for the possibilties of his international career. He wrotes a very good songs : Cohiba : the story of Che Guevara; (n. 4 of the playlist). He's comunist ideals are goods for Italian public, but are very bad for the music market in others Countries.

Daniele Silvestri songs, new Italian sound
Daniele Silvestri

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