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SUBSONICA the new Italian music (10 videos)

For me, Subsonica is the best group of new Italian sound
That group comes from Turin, founded in '96 by the best Turin's musicians. 
Rock is what they plays and electronic, is the way of their's rock music. 
I think We can compare Subsonica in our time with PFM.in '70s,... 
I saw them in one concert: they are very good. 
They are great perfomers on live 

Some time ago I saw one member of Subsonica group: the dj; the player of 'mix': he is the n. 1 one in our Country as video-concert's dj -Vee-Jay he plays together discos and videos-, I appreciated him; a very good performance. 

Subsonica articles:

They worked with Daniele Silvestri and others important Italian musicians. 
I hope You enjoin it!

Subsonica songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Subsonica - Nuova Ossessione
  2. Subsonica - Tutti I Miei Sbagli
  3. Subsonica - Abitudine
  4. Subsonica - Discolabirinto
  5. Subsonica - Discolabirinto
  6. Subsonica - Dentro I Miei Vuoti
  7. Subsonica - Istrice
  8. Subsonica - Eden
  9. Subsonica - Coriandoli A Natale
  10. Subsonica - Incantevole
  11. Subsonica - La funzione
  12. Subsonica - Liberi Tutti
  13. Subsonica - Colpo Di Pistola

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  1. this site is so awsome. ive been looking for a website to check up on all the new italian songs. Its so hard to get any artists names while living in the U.S. Thanx alot you help out my dj career SOOO much! =]

  2. Thanks lot for you comment. I open this site to know ALL Italian music to all the world; in specific, I'm very happy when someone said me these thing. To create all these playlist, to chose the songs, to looking for all best Italian singers, group It's very hard. More: I created that site to know to all the world the DIFFERENCE between the OLD Italian Music, to CLASSIC Italian Music and to MODERN Italian music!!! If You want thanks to me, please VOTE THIS SITE (on left column) on some awards where it submitted, thanks.

  3. could be posible to have the song Coriandoli Natale translated to english or spanish?? it's a great song that I hear and loved but I would like to understand the lyrics.


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