17 giu 2017

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GIORGIA: songs and bio of one Great Italian female voice

GIORGIA: songs and bio of one Great Italian female voice
GIORGIA is a very 'case study' of Italian singers' career
Giorgia ( real name Giorgia Trodani, borns in Rome, 1971), starts to sing in Sanremo, in teen-agers category. 
In that apparition, the showman Pippo Baudo saids "That Singer is the best ever i heard from Mina's times". 
After these words Giorgia's career increases the velocity as a Shuttle's booster... 

Few months after Pavarotti call her to sing in His Pavarotti's Festival. 
After, it's only History. 
The particularity of Giorgia's voice is her 'jazz' sound. 

In fact, she likes to sing the best american - jazz songs and jazz singers. Her voice has very extension, and the improvisation is good; but her career doesn't become as Pausini or Ramazzotti
The 'gossip' says she has alimentar problems. 
5 November 2013: Giorgia released a new album: "Senza Paura"
We make a good luck to Giorgia and we hope You enjoin that playlist.
  • Giorgia songs published with lyrics:
  1. Io fra tanti (2014)
  2. Quando una stella muore (2013)
  3. Salvami with Gianna Nannini (2012)
  4. Io vivo per Lei with Bocelli

Update, June 2012: this is the last Official Video relased only few weeks ago, "Tu mi porti su" ( You take on), a song sung by Giorgia, but written by his friend Jovanotti, a very easy listening, a song very beautiful, that talks about the 'fall in love', an hit pubblished on september 2011 but only in the last time in the first places of Italian music charts:

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  1. Being a Professional Singer myself, I so much enjoyed this presentation..what a unique and pleasant voice!

  2. Giorgia has not alimentar problems, she has just always been thin, that's all.
    The reason why her career is not like Pausini's one are many. Main ones: Giorgia likes to experiment, and so she changes frequently. Than she is quite lazy, and she didn't want to go abroad, when she was younger, because she didn't want to spend so much time far from home.

  3. yes, Anon, I think Your pointview is right.
    Giorgi loves to sing, and in many cases she experimented many genres of music.
    Now she'll become mother, in few time, as gossip says


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