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Giacomo Puccini, an Opera's author

giacomo puccini
Giacomo Puccini
Today we start to show you the "base" of Italian Songs: Il Bel Canto , or lyric music. Giacomo Puccini is the first author we would like show to You. If you think Puccini is died in 1925 you can understand why in my Country the still NOW music is linked with the classical authors
Giacomo Puccini is the last 'big' author of 'opera'. His life was as his 'opera'. The first big success come from Manon Lescaut ,in 1893, after that one, comes : "La Bohème", "La Tosca" and "Madame Butterfly". All these stories comes from romanticism of XIXst century, where to love means to suffer. The first one is the story of 2 musicians and their disperates love; the second one is the story of a prostitute (and her desperates love); and Madame Butterfly (that I played in a kid-chorus when I was 8 years old) is the impossibles love story between a Japaneese Madame and a Captain of a western vasseil. The life of Puccini similars one of his 'operas'. One of his lovers suicide because geloused to His daughter (!)... To show you Giacomo PUCCINI's opera, I choose the best singers ever: Callas, Pavarotti, Del Monaco, Tebaldi, and Netrebko, Corelli, Sarah Brigtman (the last one with a very actual and strange version of 'Madame Butterfly'.)

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