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Giuseppe Verdi: Italian Patriot and music author

Giuseppe Verdi: Italian Patriot and music author
Giuseppe Verdi
GIUSEPPE VERDI starts to write operas in 1839 an finished in 1893
This incredible career could be more longs , but in the origin He has too much difficult. 
Giuseppe Verdi was born in 1813, from a family of modest origins and only tanks to some friends he can studies music. 
When he goes to Milano and would like to enter to study in local Conservatory he can't it: rejected!!! In that time Italy combats to becomes an indipendent Nation. In North-East there was Austria Kingdom, in center there was the Pope's State and the rest of South-Italy there was the Kingdom of 2 Sicilias. Verdi was a big patriots and most of his operas considered support to riots. 

Giuseppe Verdi, the greatest Italia composer:

Nabucco Choir (n.1 of playlist) was the (in secret) anthem of "New Italy". Finally, in 1861 Italy becames an Indipendent Nation, the Kingdom of Italy, where the King Vittorio Emanuele the IInd. Giuseppe Verdi considerated the most influent author of Italian Music. His songs was played from all Italians and , that thing, for me, is the dimostration of greatet of the author. We can says that Giuseppe Verdi is one of Fouding Father of Italian Nation , as Gen. Garibaldi and Count of Cavour; ( all these men was from "Free Masonery" .
In this playlist I choosen to add the best singers and orchestras , as Pavarotti, Sumi Jo, Callas, Di Stefano, from pieces as Nabucco, Traviata, Rigoletto, Aida. I hope you like it...

Verdi operas pubblished here:

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Playlist Below of Giuseppe Verdi