13 ott 2007

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ANTONELLO VENDITTI songs by Roman singer

antonello venditti
Antonello Venditti

Antonello Venditti is the most important Roman singer-songwriter

His career starts at first of 70's , with politic (socialists) songs. When he wrote "Roma capoccia", the love between Venditti and all Roman citizens started. He is very good to describe the life of Italian Capital, with its 2,000 years of history. now one of his songs "Roma, Roma, Roma" is the anthem of Rome's football team.
Venditti in the end of '80's wrote some of most beautiful Italian love songs. That is the best period of his career. I remember when i was in Rome for work; it was summer . In that period the streets of Rome were full of Venditti's songs; unforgettable! 
I choose to You the most popular songs of Antonello Venditti I found on Youtube. 
I hope You enjoin it! PS: a little curiosity in the first video of song 'Che tesoro che sei' You can see the actress Angelina Jolie very young

Antonello Venditti songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Unica
  2. Notte prima degli esami
  3. Che tesoro che sei
  4. Che Fantastica Storia E' La Vita
  5. Alta marea
  6. Roma capoccia
  7. Ricordati di me
  8. Ogni volta

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