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Jovanotti Lorenzo songs biography, videos

jovanotti lorenzo
Lorenzo Jovanotti, really name Lorenzo Cherubini, starts as rapper and now we can call him song-writer and self-producer.
When he becomes famous was unpleasant to me; the song "Gimme five"(n. 15 of this playlist) seams a song for impareads...
When I made the service on Italian army (1990) I was in the same caserm where Jovanotti  made his compulsory military service ( in Italy military service was compulsory only10 years ago - now there are only volunteers in Italian army -) only some month before me, and his fellow-soldiers saids to me that he was a very good boy, easy and friendly.
Thes things changed my judgment on him; in fact after few times (1992) he made one of his best album : "Lorenzo 1992", where there very good songs as 'Penso positivo' (n.6) . That album his change in texts finally with social contents and in music; not more disco with electonic instruments but with the partecipation of the best Italian musicists of '90s, as Saturnino (bass) The songs of Jovanotti, now Lorenzo are based in: love songs ( he stay with the same women form many years) , his daughter, ecology, peace, and social justice.
Jovanotti official site: http://www.soleluna.com/

Post updated with new Jovanotti's songs on July 2001:

Jovanotti songs pubblished in this blog with video, lyrics and translation:

  1. Gli Immortali (2015)
  2. A Te
  3. Tensione evolutiva 
  4. L'ombelico del mondo
  5. Tutto l'amore che ho
  6. Domani (charity song)
  7. Estate (2013)

Jovanotti songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Il Più Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang
  2. Safari - Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini
  4. A te - Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini - Ufficiale
  5. L'ombelico del mondo - Jovanotti
  6. Penso positivo - Jovanotti
  7. morirò d'amore
  8. un raggio di sole per te - jovanotti
  9. jovanotti - ragazzo fortunato
  10. jovanotti a sanremo 1989
  12. Tanto-Jovanotti
  13. Jovanotti - Io ti cercherò
  14. Jovanotti - Ti Sposerò
  15. Jovanotti - Ora
  16. Jovanotti - La notte dei desideri ORA 2011
  17. Lorenzo Jovanotti - Il più grande Spettacolo dopo il bigbang - cd1 ORA
  18. Jovanotti - Le Tasche Piene Di Sassi♫ - ("Ora" CD 2011)
  19. Jovanotti-Amami con testo
Jovanotti Short Biography:
  1. 1966, was born in Rome, but now lives in Cortona in Tuscany, the country of origin of their family
  2. 1982 as a club DJ before Cortona, then the Roman, putting hard dance and hip-hop, a genre little known at the time, and then went to work at Radio DJ with Cecchetto, one of the great scout Italians.
  3. 1987: accidentally becomes his stage name Jovanotti, he had chosen Joe Vanotti, but this is the year of his first album, Walking, and the cover comes with this ust as 'wrong', sometimes the case .. .
  4. 1987: Cecchetto, after an initial refusal, he takes it in his 'stable', it quickly becomes famous Radio DJ
  5. 1988: publishes his first album Jovanotti for President, and Gimme Five becomes the hit of the year.
  6. 1991: 'A tribe dancing' Jovanotti begins to convince even skeptics of his talent, the album has a great success and is musically far ahead of the other Italian music, each song is compelling, its' mix of genres 'works great ..
  7. 1992: the death of Judge Falcone impresses me much, - these are his words - or rather, is very impressed by the reaction of the boys Sicilians, and from that moment his lyrics will suffer greater social commitment, the music of Jovanotti, begins to thinking, as well as to entertain.
  8. 1994: His album Lorenzo 1994 is among his best-selling albums, and I think a Positive beautiful song in every way.
  9. 1994: Lorenzo becomes independent record label created SoleLuna, will no longer have to listen to anyone from now on, you can publish whatever they want, when they want, and with the style you want, one of the best choices that a musician can do .
  10. 1997: collaborations with other artists become more intense, his musical growth more evident, as in the album The tree of the same year, it is called 'world music', as if to say best music, influenced by the music of other countries ..
  11. 1998: becomes a father and newborn daughter a song dedicated to the magnificent: For you ...
  12. 1999: participated in the song "My name is never" against the war in Kosovo, along with Pelù Litfiba and Luciano Ligabue, the song is an ode to pacifism, solidarity made to collect a lot of money for Emergency and becomes the best selling single of the year.
  13. 2000 - Today every album is eagerly awaited by fans is that the record industry, often the songs of Jovanotti, squirting # 1 on the charts, are the ones that he sings, and those who write for others.
  14. The future: Jovanotti, in recent times is trying to 'break' the foreign market, has already recorded several songs in Spanish, but is now determined to try in Americ, which is extremely difficult, for obvious language problems, in fact, never , no Italian song became very successful in America, only Italian songs with words in English or translated songs anglozassoni lyricists have had great success, one of all? It's now or never, the second most popular song of Elvis Presley, very Italian.
  15. United States: Jovanotti on 2013 went to make some concerts in U.S. 'to know this big Country" as He said.
  16. Jovanotti negli stadi: on summer 2013 Jovanotti making many concerts in all Italy with great success
  17. On september 2013, Jovanotti play a concert on Rai Tv, the biggest Italian televisione, an uniue event for an Italian singer.
  18. Jovanotti talks about Italian politic and against Berlusconi.
  19. September 1, 2013: Jovanotti full concert live in Milan 
  20. December 2014: Jovanotti finally releases a new album (after 4 years) which is titled "Lorenzo 2015 CC", an album of 30 new songs; in March 2015, the new album of Jovanotti is first in the sales charts Italian, and his songs are played on all radio stations.
  21. June 2015, During a meeting with students of the University, Lorenzo  said that 'work for free can serve to gain experience'. It 'been criticized by Italian newspapers.

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