19 nov 2007

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Anna Oxa songs biography video

Anna Oxa songs biography video
Anna Oxa

There are many times we don's see this great singer, but we don't know why...

ANNA OXA, or Hoxha, as her Albanese language origins speaks, becomes famouse only 16 years old with "Un'emozione da poco" (video n. 1 in playlist).
She debuts in Sanremo, The Italian Music Festival, ( 1978) and her career never stopped. Her voice is beutiful as bad is her fashion style. Anna Oxa comes in the Italian Music world when Mina is going out. That fact is not little.
In the Italians minds when Mina ritired from show-biz and makes only CD, there are as shock.
After years and years peoples, news, journal,and mass-media find a sobtitute: one of these possible sobstitute is ANNA? Many persons think yes.
ANNA OXA partecipes to all Sanremo Contests, the style of Anna is incredible: eccentric, made to discuss journalists and to shock ( is very easy to do it) Italian pubblic.
Most good authors writes for Anna Oxa and the success is very big, years after years. My opinion is not very important, but there are some songs very beautiful.
A particular: the firsts Anna's songs are lack of contents.
There is a song "Non scendo" , sing in Sanremo '84 (n. 20 in that playlist) with a sound very good, but the words are insignificant, wrote only to sing Anna Oxa. That melody could be useful to make a rock song and could be much success.

Anna Oxa Songs on the video playlist above:

  1. Anna Oxa - Un'emozione da poco (Discoring 1978
  2. Anna Oxa - A lei
  3. a lei anna oxa
  4. Anna Oxa - Pensami per te
  5. Il pagliaccio azzurro - Anna Oxa
  7. Anna Oxa Tutti i brividi del mondo
  8. anna oxa è tutto un attimo

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