5 nov 2007

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Biagio Antonacci songs, the new "Rudolph Valentino"

biagio antonacci
Biagio Antonacci
In these last years BIAGIO ANTONACCI have had an incredible success in Italy: I think that his last CD is the more sell in all of my Country.
I know that out of Italy is not very famous, in fact his official site is only in Italian language, but I'm sure that the sell he made in Italy are more than other singers that sell their CD in all the world. 
In the radios, when Biagio makes a new song you can heard it for 2-3 months 10-15 times per day.
Biagio Antonacci is one of few singer that someone ( Cristicchi) made a song for him (n. 22 of that playlist, in 2005)

Biagio Antonacci songs published with lyrics:
His songs are full of sensual content, not trash, as many american rapper, but very romantica and 'hot', in line to the old and romantic European culture. 
It' s very difficult to explain that things.. We can said that Italian language has more words of English language, and to describe a singole fact, we have ( for example of 20 words and English only 19) that thing explain the difference: sexual content in Italian language has many tones, but Biagio Antonacci never use vulgar or gross words... 
As a new "Rudolph Valentine", he is very loved to all female pubblic, in very hard way...
Below, best songs of Biagio Antonacci: