21 nov 2007

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Bluvertigo: Morgan, Italian new-wave

Bluvertigo is an Italian band formed in 1992.
Their first name was "Golden Age" and former members are Morgan (Marco Castoldi), in the photo on right, Andy (Andrea Fumagalli) and Marco Pancaldi. In 1994 Sergio Carnevale joined the band while in 1996 Pancaldi left the band and Livio Magnini entering in his role.Their first album was published in 95, "Acidi e basi", followed by "Metallo" non metallo and by "Zero": they were later called "The chemical trilogy". Their last album is Pop Tools, a compilation released in 2001.

In 03 Morgan released his first solo album: "Le canzoni dell'appartamento". My opinion on Bluvertigo? I not have it, I didn't know them when they played, but now, I think MORGAN is a good musician.
He doesn't has an incredible voice, but He has an unique style and He can be a good interpreter; now he has also song-writer, but his content are too personal and few understables.
In fact, in the videos n.16 and 17 of that playlist he sings De Andrè's songs in very new good way.
Influence of this group are: David Bowie, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Franco Battiato, Aphex Twin, Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground, Bauhaus, The Cure, Brian Eno.

Update: recently, Morgan, who participated as a judge on X Factor, has given scandal, saying that he, for years, takes care of his depression with cocaine, it did become like a person to avoid, was sent him away from the show, and now difficult to find work, also because it seems to have problems with his record company.

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