20 dic 2007

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Angelo Branduardi: medieval songs

Angelo Branduardi: medieval songs
Angelo Branduardi
ANGELO BRANDUARDI is one of most incredible Italian artists.
He graduates in Genoa's conservatory in violin , in the the first '70's and he wanted to becomes a violist on classic orchestra, but in these years he meets the most important person of his life: Luisa Zappa . That female becomes his wife and she'll write all texts of Branduardi's songs. The incredible 'way' Branduardi takes to becomes, is very strange. He starts to write songs takes from medieval tradition. Music and texts are tipically medievals and, thanks to Angelo Branduardi, now, the world music, knows where borns, and madrigal music, holy music are examples of these first steps.

Angelo Branduardi songs:

 The success comes after another 'meeting', with Paul Buckmaster, the producer of Elton John: the success becomes international. He starts to play in concerts in all Europe in 1978-79, plays his songs in French, England and Germany; that one is one of his favourite Countries to make concerts, as You can see in these videos. He plays violin, guitar, harmonica and voice...Enjoin its!

  • Angelo Branduardi songs: 14 videos of "Camminando camminando tour", published by Angelo Branduardi official channel.

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