15 dic 2007

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Fabri Fibra Italian rap phenomenon

fabri fibra italian rap
Fabri Fibra
FABRI FIBRA borns in Ancona 1976 is the newest image of Italian pop-song culture. He is a rapper, in Italian hip-hop scene, but is not as the others. He sings versus Catholic Church and it influence on Italian culture, and that thing is (alone) very important. All Italian culture is very influence by Vatican and catholic theology, but is very difficult , FOR US , Italians, in which way, because we live it.
Fabri Fibra is one Open-Mind Rapper; yes, we can call him in this way because he looking into feel and, to have 30 years we can saids that He's an example of Italian younger that comes from medium and work classes . Someone call him as an Italian's Eminem, and plays hip-hop, but he doesn't exprime the violence as american gangsta rap. In fact, in my Country the rap is only a kind of music - at the moment- and crime organised is associated to mafia , not to ''bands' as in U.S. do you mean?

Greatest Fibra success: "Rap futuristico", 2010.

  • Fabri Fibra songs with lyrics and videos:
  1. Il rap nel mio paese (2015 , on album Squallor
  2. Niente di personale (2014)
  3. Fisico e Politico Luca Carboni feat Fabri Fibra

  • Fibra, on April 7, 2015, releases a new album, which is titled "Squallor", as an old Italian band, playing music demented. The publication was not planned, but this album seems very well done, definitely above average songs of other famous Italian rappers.

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  1. fabri fibra is sooooo fine and he is a good rapper this is comin from a true italian gurl(;

  2. Does anyone know the name of the newest Fabri Fibra song playing on Italian radio?


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