15 dic 2007

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Pino Daniele, Naples and blues

pino daniele neapolitan bluesman
Pino Daniele
PINO DANIELE is one of most important italian musician last 20 years. 
He was born in Naples, from a working-class family. 
He stats to play guitar, himself and in 1977, with LP 'Terra Mia' becomes famous.  He mix Neapolitan traditional music and blues and ritm'n blues

We can says that he is the direct descendt from Carosone
The songs 'Napul'è' is, now as anthem of that incredible City. 
After succes, after singing and plays with most important Italian jazz-men, he starts to write and plays commercial songs and the biggest part of his funs doens't happy about this. 
If you'd can read the comments on Youtube writes from neapolitans you can understand that he'd likes he retourns to make blues, jazz and ritm' blues, but we know commercial music has more revenues...

Belove, a full concert with:
  • Pino Daniele, voice and guitar; 
  • Joe Amoruso, keyboards; 
  • Tullio De Piscopo, percussions; 
  • Toni Esposito, drums; 

It was the 1983, the golden era of Pino Daniele:

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  1. I suggest you transfer this information to Pino`s references by Wikipedia in Portuguese.
    I can help to translate it.

  2. Con Pino Daniele giochi 'na carta sporca. E niuscin' se ne port'.

  3. Thanks, now I upload a full concert, great music !!!


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