10 giu 2015

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RENATO CAROSONE the history of Neapolitan music ( 8 videos)

renato carosone
Renato Carosone
I must to thanks RENATO CAROSONE if I started to study piano. It was first '70's and Renato Carosone, after a long time that he didn't plays, re-start to play piano in pubblic. Every saturday night in Italy there was a very important TV program : Canzonissima where singers make a competition with their songs. That trasmission starts in October- November and stopped in February ( if I remembre well), I have only 6-7 years and Mina, Celentano and Raffaella Carrà were my eroes. When I heard for first time Renato Carosone something happen; I don't know what, exacly, but something of special, of magic: I wanted to play piano. Talking' about Renato Carosone is same thing to talk about the story of Italian music. At this time I'm sure that most part of young Italian doesn't know him, but Renato was, really one of most important Italian musicians. When American troops comes in Naples in the IInd World War( without fight, because Neapolitan citizens fight-off nazi in the famous "4 days of Naples", town - riots with many deaths, but Naples was free and US. Army can entry without shoot a bullet and without leave a man!!) , take with them boogie-boogie, jazz and other music; on the fascism that music wasn't see good, they saids was from 'nigger'...; Renato knows well that music and when Us corps becomes in his city to play it was the best thing that He can did. I think the first succes was around americans troopers, the technique of Renato was extraordinair and with help of others extraodinair italian jazz-men he build His first band: "Trio Carosone" . His songs, now, are plays in the most important fest in all the world. "Tu vo fà l'americano", " O sarracino" ; the style, a mix from jazz, swing, boogie-boogie, Neapolitan traditional music, is very exiting and when you listen its you cannot move, and dance!

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