19 gen 2008

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Fred Buscaglione: Guys and Dolls, Italian jazz of 50s

Fred Buscaglione
Fred Buscaglione
To find a video on Fred Buscaglione is not easy. Italian television borns in 1955 and Fred Buscaglione dies (only 38 years old) in '60, when his popularity is higher.
Ferdinando (the real first name) just from 10 years old has very talent to music and his parent submit him to Tourin's Conservatory, but only few years ago he stopped and goes to work. to sing classic music wasn't his dream; he loved jazz 'swing' from big american's orchestras.

In the IInd World War he had been a big luck: he was in Sardinia and, after 'armistizio' , when fascism go down, Buscaglione ended up in a US internment camp, where some U.s. military understood his big musical talent, and had him join the orchestra of the allied radio station of Cagliari
This enabled Buscaglione to continue to make music in those war years, and to experiment with new sounds and rhythms coming from the US.
Most foreign music had been officially forbidden by the Italian Fascist regime. 
After the war he starts to sings in various 'Night clubs' and success comes.
He presents in "Guys and Dolls"'s style, or as an "'30's Chiago's Gangster" (in humor way) with songs as "Il dritto di Chicago" (that I don't be able to translate: "dritto" means 'Bully')... 
We can says Buscaglione's ways linked to some "Gangsta rap"? but in 'humor way'. I think that is the best way to show the 'rapresentation' of Fred Buscaglione's music. In '50's , in Italy, jazz was as now the 'Gangsta rap'. 
As I said more times in that Blog all Italian culture influenced for 20 years by Fascism's regime : economic 'autarky' (to be self-sufficent) was also for the culture: music, dance, books, and others things MUST to be Italian or comes from Italian tradition. We can said that Fred Buscaglione, together Renato Carosone made a little revolution of Italian popular music , before The Rock'n roll invasion. 
In that video-playlist I put some videos of Buscaglione, enjoin it!

Album pubblished by Fred Buscaglione:
  1. 1956 Fred Buscaglione & i suoi Asternovas (Cetra, LPA 42)
  2. 1956 Fred Buscaglione & i suoi Asternovas II (Cetra, LPA 47)
  3. 1957 Le nuove canzoni di Fred Buscaglione (Cetra, LPA 92)
  4. 1957 Balliamo con Fred Buscaglione (Cetra, LPA 93)
  5. 1958 Fred Buscaglione & i suoi Asternovas III (Cetra, LPA 108)
  6. 1960 16 successi di Fred Buscaglione (Cetra, LPB 35007)
  7. 1960 Ricordo di Fred (Cetra, LPF 1)
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