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Lucio Dalla, bio of Caruso's author

lucio dalla
Lucio Dalla on 70s
Update:  Lucio Dalla died on the morning of March 1, 2012, died of a heart attack at the age of 68 years (three days before the sixty-ninth birthday), at the Hotel Ritz in Montreux, the Swiss town where he had performed the night before. It is the companion Marco Alemanno the first to discover the misfortune only a few minutes later. The first to break the news of the death of the singer, are the friars of the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, on the morning of 1 March, on Twitter, exactly at 12:10, 23 minutes before the launches agency.
LUCIO DALLA born in 4 march 1943.
That date will be very important : it's the title of his
first big success: "3 Marzo 1943" presented in Festival of Italian Music, Sanremo ('66).
He borns in
Bologna, a town famous for: the "cooking", considered, for many persons, as me, the best one in Italy; the University , one of oldest in Europe; the hight spirit of peoples; the passion for motorcicles ( Ducati made in Bologna) and cars , as Ferrari , Lamborghini; the 'true' socialism , the oldest social cooperatives borns in XIX century in the countries around Bologna, many decades before the "october revolution" of Russia's memory.
The 'collaborative' and expansive
caracter of Bologna's citizens is one of elements of Lucio Dalla's image, that we can find in the songs, in the texts and in his music.
In fact,
Dalla, starts to play clarinet, jazz, to 12 year-old and only at 23 years-old someone (his Producer) tips to him to sing his songs.
Another Italian song-writer was borned.
The '60's are cultural revolution's years and song-writers are an expression of that.
Before '60's, italian musicians divided in 2 kinds: authors and singers, but now...
In these years, after
rock'n roll, Beatles, Bob Dylan, everything seems musicians will be more free to make what they wants, in fact music takes more benefits than other art forms, from that situation.
Lucio Dalla
: his unusual way to make 'solo' with voice, his hight professionality with clarinet , his apolitical way to be a song-writer makes a strange 'mix', a very loved singer and respected author.Dalla loves the sea just from he was a boy, because with his mom, he has a little home in Puglia's seabord.
A day, during a tourneè of concerts, he writes a song seat at sea - Sorrento's gulf - that will be cosiderated his best song:
In that song, Caruso, one of the best Italian tenor Enrico Caruso (Naples 1873-1921) : Caruso is in a hotel's room, near the sea, and to think to his love, with big exiting and passion describes all his pain, suffering from absence, caused from distance from Italy and New York, where the star singer played concerts.

In 1990 Lucio Dalla pubblish "Attenti al lupo", a cd with 1,400,000 is the record about "more selling single ever (in Italy)" and in '96 'Canzoni' is "more Lp sold in the decade (in Italy)".
He is also producer, and, with
PRESSING S.r.l., he brings out: Stadio, Ron, Luca Carboni, Samuele Bersani and the re-edit of Gianni Morandi; very important Italian singers, all comes from Bologna's region, and that we'll reviews soon at possible.
Best songs of Lucio Dalla, with 'Caruso', first of all:

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  1. This is a wonderful place. This music is the one of the greatest gifts that my grandparents gave me.


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