29 gen 2008

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Ricchi e Poveri songs from Italian Tv shows

ricchi e poveri
Ricchi e Poveri
Pippo Baudo, one of biggest Italian show-man invented a new term to describe a kind of television ( shows music, telefilms): "Nazional-popolare" : Popular Nationality... 
RICCHI E POVERI are really one of most important "National popular" groups. That term means things tipically Italian that likes from most part of Italian pubblic. Their songs choosen to makes "Theme songs" in many italian television programs. Ricchi e poveri ( The riche and the Poor) makes a very easy melody, easy words (not politic, not personal and not 'high lecterature') very easy to reminds. 

They starts in Sanremo , in 1972 and makes very big success, as Sarà perchè ti amo" or "Ci sarà" songs know in all the worlds. Ricchi e Poveri, as others italian singers has had a big success in old Russia and in all Europe. The particular of Their voices ( as american "Abba" group) used to sing "a cappella" and to makes "controcanto". Last time of Ricchi e Poveri in Tv was 3 years ago, in a "reality" show: "Beauty Farm" , where partecipants were all singers.

  • Ricchi e Poveri songs in the video playlist above:

  1. Sarà perché ti amo
  2. Mamma Maria