11 gen 2008

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Rondò Veneziano songs info

rondò veneziano
Rondò Veneziano
Gian Piero Reverberi (born in '39) is author, Orchestra conductor and 'inventor' of Rondò Veneziano, and is one of most important characters of Italian Music
The strange thing is that man in Italy is as unknow; but He was been productor and "music-arranger" of Battisti, De Andrè, Mina and Dalla ( some of the most famous Italian singers).
To dimonstrate that thing I must opened that post with "
Rondò Veneziano" and not with "Reverberi"... incredible, not? But remember music history is full of these cases.
Rondò Veneziano is an Italian chamber orchestra incorporating a rock-style rhythm section of synthesizer, bass guitar and drums; with the first album "Rondò Veneziano", the success becomes very big in Italy, and after few times, in all Europe.
I remember
Rondò very well, as one of bigger regrets to leave my studies about classic music.
Their music is never sad, as often is classical sad, but 'positive', as the
Maestro Reverberi saids.
Rondò Veneziano made 25 album and, after the firsts 10 years, They made some albums dedicated to some of the great composers of the classical and baroque tradition.

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