14 feb 2008

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Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc a rapper in 58th Sanremo Festival

Frankie Hi NRG MC

Frankie Hi NRG MC is a 40 years old rapper. He borns in Turin and considerate one of best rapper in Italy, an I have the same opinion.
 The first success is first '90's when publish an album against mafia, corruption and terrorism (Italian). He uses a very correct Italian language, as a literate, and his rap in 'on' funky music. Near to left politics, for many years considerate as a flag of 'left culture', but he doesn't like to have a 'target' of public. This year will partecipate for his first time to Sanremo, the 58st Music Italian Festival. This year Sanremo will starts February, 21 and will be 20 'big' and 11 'young' singers. In that blog We already talk about Tiromancino and Loredana Bertè, when we talks about her (more famouse) Mia Martini. Many economic interests are all together in Sanremo Festival: music Producers, televisions, radios, papers and all mass-media sorts, but I remember it's a competion of songs, and more voted one wins. Very famouse Singers or Groups doesn't go to Sanremo. That is a tipically 'kind' of songs that goes in, and these aren't always the best ones. Sanremo is a good place for young singers wants to becomes famouses, but only if these singers plays a pop-songs; the songs doesn't express "Tipical Italian Music" ( as rap music) has very difficult on the contest, but, after some weeks, if there are some very good songs, they'll be secure success.

  • Frankie Hi Nrg Mc songs in the video playlist belove:
  1. Fight da Faida - original
  2. Libri di sangue
  3. Quelli Che Benpensano
  4. Rap Lamento
  5. Pedala - Sanremo 2014

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