4 feb 2008

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IVANO FOSSATI songs and career

ivano fossati
Ivano Fossati
Last time I saw IVANO FOSSATI was the night of New Year's Eve of '04; I drive my car to Rome for 200 Km. only to see him.
He plays his best songs with Fiorella Mannoia, his great "muse".
Ivano Fossati is one of most important Italian musicians.

He can plays piano, sing, clarinet, flauto, write music and text, and write as a poet. He is a complete artist.
The most beautiful Fossati's songs are: 2-3, (for me) but he wrote many many success, for example he translates a Brazilian Song: "Che sera" that in Italian language: Che sarà is more beautiful that in Brazilian.
I don't know if Fossati's art helped that translation but I consider that song the most 'descriptives' songs of the word 'love'.
When he debuts in Sanremo in 1970, with "Jesahel" sell 1 million copies in few weeks.
That success permit to him to starts collaborations with most famouse names of Italian music Mina, Patty Pravo, Oxa, Mannoia, Mia Martini ( his lover) De Andrè, Celentano and Zucchero and to go in America to plays with best musicians in best studios, and in '79 Lp "La mia banda suona il rock" is another incredible success.
  • Nov 5 2013: Ivano Fossati wrote a new song for Giorgia and her album Senza Paura, with title "Oggi vendo tutto".
I think that song, is one of the best Italian rock song.
Laura Pusini re-writes it, in the same style, and makes a 'mix' with a Madonna's success.
I consider Fossati for the 'words' and Morricone for 'musics' the black souls, behind the most important Italian success of last 40 years

 Above: the most popular songs of Ivano Fossati.

  1. La mia banda suona il Rock
  2. Panama
  3. Jesahel