4 feb 2008

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Mario Biondi: an incredible Italian voice

Mario Biondi: an incredible voice
Mario Biondi
MARIO BIONDI sings for many years before becomes famous. 
He was only 12 years old when starts to sing as member of a choir in a Church, as a tipically american bluesman traditions. His career is very slows; He hasn't "good friends" that helps him, but only with his voice becomes appreciates and, after, one of most searched member of choirs for concerts for Italian Stars; only in 2006 he makes a disco he has 35 years old. 

The kind of music (jazz, blues, soul) Mario Biondi plays is not popular in my country and is very difficul to becomes famouse with it. He is an extraordinary interpreter of songs: when he sings "Just the way you are" writes by Billy Joel: another success also at that moment. His voice is very similar to Barry White's voice; the first time I hear a song from a radio I think was Barry White to sing; when the speaker says was an Italian singer I  think that he will become famous. In fact, in his first album he plays jazz-rock or jazz mixed with disco-dance music and miscellanus is extraordinary, as the success. Now I stop to write: You can only hear to Him to understand.

Mario Biondi songs: "This is what You are".