10 feb 2008

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Paolo Conte: career and Greatest Hits

paolo conte songs
Paolo Conte
PAOLO CONTE considerated one of the best Italian musician in life. He is an advocate and, when he studied at Tourin University starts to write his first song. His performing career begans as vibraphone player in a local and touring Band (Saint Vincent Jazz Festival), with occasional foreign trips .
Song-writer started spontaneously, almost instinctively: with his brother Giorgio and then alone he would write songs inspired by books, films, and the imaginative development of actual experience. He also attracs to visual arts. In the second half of the '60's his compositions began to be taken up by popular singers. For the first time the public heard these strange, unusual songs: 'La coppia più bella del mondo' (sung by Adriano Celentano), 'Insieme a te non ci sto più' (Caterina Caselli) and (one of most important success: 'Azzurro' (sung by Celentano).

It's only '74 when he pubblish his first album as song-writer, but to becomes popular He has very difficults. 
He isn't young, He isn't a beautiful man, swing and jazz aren't kinds of music appreciate in my country. But when a person has a big talent and is a true artists time helps him, and Paolo Conte with 'Bartali' ('79) 'Via cone me' ('81 sung by Benigni) becomes famouse for first time in France, after in U.S. and, finally, in Italy. Now he love makes concerts in all the world and considerated a good Painter. Paolo Conte has been too much time an idol of music criticism, and (for me) he'd must shows his incredible talent to all the world. Italian music needs persons as CONTE, also the Italian pubblic needs him. I'd love to see Him as guest star in some Television shows, but that thing is really unusual. He prefers to play in concerts, all around the world and, as You can see in the playlist below, the reason is easy: He is true loved by the pubblic.

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